Brunch Rates

  • Private trip for two: $600
  • Private trip for four: $800
  • Private trip for six: $900

    Brunch Cruise: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

    Contact us for longer trips or a custom schedule.

    • Bottled Water
    • Pastries
    • Fruit Platter
    • 4K TV with Streaming
    • Entertainment Center
    • Sanitary Facilities
    • Air Conditioning

    Guests are welcome to bring their own food/drinks or take advantage of our concierge services. For longer trips, lunches are available.

    We offer a great deal of customization to fit your needs. While our trips include drinks, a fruit platter, and pastries, we also provide two other brunch additions.

    Concierge Services

    As a top-rated luxury yacht charter provider, we strive to exceed your expectations. If we don’t offer something, we’ll pick it up for you! Simply place an online order for us to gather and the boat will be stocked with your goods before your arrival. This can be snacks, equipment, drinks, or even meals from a local restaurant.

    This service comes at no additional cost. Billing for the cost of goods will be done separately with our concierge partner. 

    Visit a Restaurant on the Water

    If you have ever cruised through Fort Lauderdale, you would have noticed the range of restaurants found along the water. If you prefer to grab brunch at one of these restaurants, we can dock alongside your favorite and wait while you have your meal on land.

    Experience exclusivity with a private brunch on a yacht. Enjoying breakfast on a boat doesn’t have to be reserved for the ultra-wealthy. With our array of onboard amenities, Flamingo Yacht Charters can prepare a range of delicious meals. We strive to offer the most affordable, no-compromise yacht service in Fort Lauderdale. Our breakfast or brunch cruises remain highly customizable, fulfilling your every desire.

    Dine At Sea

    Skip a private brunch room and enjoy a luxury yacht instead. Your private brunch cruise begins at the end of the new river, where we’ll journey through downtown Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas, Millionaires Row, and into Port Everglades. The breakfast cruise comes standard with pastries and a fruit platter. 

    Our private brunch dining options are as flexible as can be. Feel welcome to your own food or beverages or take advantage of our free concierge service. Upon booking, simply provide us with a grocery list or a catering request, and we’ll have our concierge service stock the boat in time for your arrival. 


    Whether looking to get rowdy or relaxed, pregame the rest of your celebration with brunch on a yacht. The morning waters of Fort Lauderdale come calm and serene, allowing for a relaxing private brunch dining experience. Want to extend the trip? Take a Fort Lauderdale or Haulover sandbar tour for a relaxing dip in the water.


    Candle-lit dinners aren’t the only way to have a romantic dinner for two. Enjoy private brunch on a boat for a romantic start to your day. Our brunch boat cruise can be a novel and fun idea for couples looking for a new experience.

    Extend it

    A breakfast cruise can be the start of your day on the water. After your tour and accompanying breakfast, head out for a dip in the water. Whether wanting to snorkel or extend a relaxing river cruise, our flexible schedule allows you to add time to your private yacht for charter. The list of Fort Lauderdale excursions is nearly endless. We are more than happy to take you through some of the best things South Florida has to offer. 

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