• Cruise Through Fort Lauderdale
  • Head South Towards Miami
  • Head North Towards Boca
  • Take an Ocean Adventure

    $225 / per hour
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    34 knots
    $175 / per hour
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    5 knots
    $200 / per hour
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    45 knots

    Enjoying a Fort Lauderdale river cruise is an excellent way to explore the city’s waterways and see its stunning architecture, lush vegetation, and abundant wildlife. The city’s extensive network of rivers, canals, and inlets offers a unique perspective of the area.

    If up for the adventure, take a trip down to the Haulover Sandbar. This iconic trip takes passengers on a scenic cruise through the Intracoastal Waterway. Along the way, passengers can enjoy music, snacks, sunshine, and a glimpse into the state’s rich history and culture.

    Fort Lauderdale River Cruise

    Also recognized as the Las Olas river cruise, our standard route takes you through the renowned New River. The New River cuts right through the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale and is both a vital transportation waterway and an excellent place for leisure cruising.

    A New River cruise is the perfect place for anyone that wants to take in the sites of multi-million dollar yachts and houses. As the river gets closer to downtown, luxury homes disappear while restaurants and other attractions take their place. A collection of restaurants and bars occupy the sides and is visited by tourists and locals alike.

    The Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk borders part of the river and is a hotbed for local events and shops. Parks dot the sides of the river and break up the urban sprawl to provide plenty of visual variety. 

    Sunset Cruise

    A trip to the Sunshine State isn’t complete without a Fort Lauderdale sunset river cruise. Depending on how you schedule your day, you will be able to catch a beautiful sunset on the water. It’s the perfect addition to a new river cruise 

    Sandbar Cruise

    Spend the day on one of our Fort Lauderdale party yacht rentals  enjoying one of the numerous sandbars in the region. A great place to drive by and people-watch or stop in and join in on the fun, a visit to this shallow body of water is always memorable.

    Endless Options

    There is no shortage of locations and experiences found across South Florida. With longer trips, our boats can cruise south towards Miami or north towards Boca Raton. If you’re up for the adventure, take a trip into the Atlantic, visit the reefs, or just lounge in the waves. At Flamingo Yacht Charters, we strive to provide a truly personalized experience catered directly to your desires.


    There are many locations to admire throughout the river. Learn about its history or float through a Millionaire’s Row sightseeing cruise. Our experienced crew can educate you and answer any questions you may have about the Venice of America.


    If the aesthetics of a sailboat are more your style, tag along with our Fort Lauderdale sailboat charter. Experience the charm of a sailboat as you ride through the new river and out into the open ocean for a leisure sail.

    About the Trip

    Your local Fort Lauderdale cruise starts at the end of the river. As we head underway, you’ll meet the heart of the city. With a Las Olas river cruise, you’ll experience the lively parks and restaurants lining the rivers’ seawall. Mixed into the fun are historic buildings, such as the Stranahan House, that helped shape the city we know today. 

    At the end of the new river cruise, you’ll be met with three options. Either head towards Port Everglades and into the ocean for more adventure or continue north or south through the Intercoastal Waterways, taking in more sights. 

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