Fort Lauderdale River Cruise

Fort Lauderdale provides unparalleled access to boats. The area has over 300 miles of canals that cut through the land. Waterways are so prominent that Fort Lauderdale is considered the “Venice of America.” With boating being such an ingrained part of South Florida culture, there are plenty of worthwhile places to visit located right on the water. Shops and restaurants found on the water allow you to just dock up and go about your day.

Fort Lauderdale river cruises are a great way to experience many of the different locations that Fort Lauderdale has to offer. We make sure to customize everyone’s experience to their liking and uphold the highest standards for our vessels and crew.

New River Cruise

Also known as the Las Olas river cruise, due to its proximity to the prominent Las Olas Boulevard, the Fort Lauderdale River Cruise goes through the renowned New River. The New River cuts right through the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale and is both a vital transportation waterway and an excellent place for leisure cruising.

The origin of the name New River is undetermined, but a prevailing theory comes from Native American legend that states the river appeared out of nowhere one night after a thunderous storm. An earthquake was thought to have caved in the roof of an underground river, bringing it to light. Another theory states that the mouth of the New River would constantly shift, causing early surveyors to mark it as a New River regularly. 

Regardless of the circumstances, the river served to help build Fort Lauderdale into the town that it’s known for today.

A New River cruise is the perfect place for anyone that wants to take in the sites of multi-million dollar yachts and houses. As the river gets closer to downtown, luxury homes disappear while restaurants and other attractions take their place. A collection of restaurants and bars occupy the sides and is visited by tourists and locals alike.

The Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk borders part of the river and is a hotbed for local events and shops. Parks dot the sides of the river and break up the urban sprawl to provide plenty of visual variety. 

Dinner River Cruises

Dinner cruises in Fort Lauderdale are a great way to elevate an already exciting yacht charter experience. Our dinner river cruises can be the venue for both a rowdy celebration or a romantic dinner cruise for two.

While moving through the city, you’ll be greeted with plenty of exciting sites to discuss with your loved ones over a meal. Unlike a traditional restaurant experience, there’s no need to worry about disturbing other guests or vice versa. The private yacht charter allows for an experience like no other.

With our fully equipped vessels, you can enjoy just about any meal on your Fort Lauderdale boat cruise. You can even skip the work of having to drag your food on board and let us do the heavy lifting for you. Just hand us a list before your departure date, and we’ll make sure to stock the boat with everything you desire. 

If you want to take the experience further, we offer a private chef service. We extend this luxurious service to anyone who wants an unforgettable day. Let us know what you want prepared, and we’ll do our best to meet your expectations. 

If you want to sample the local cuisine, that’s also possible. Thanks to a bevy of bars and restaurants located right on the water, we can dock the boat to a location of your choosing and let you order food that way. Once ready, you can either have a meal at a traditional restaurant or take it to go and continue on your Fort Lauderdale river cruise.

Sunset Cruise

A trip to the Sunshine State isn’t complete without a Fort Lauderdale sunset river cruise. Depending on how you schedule your Fort Lauderdale river cruise, you will be able to catch a beautiful sunset on the water. It is a perfect way to cap off any dinner cruise in the area. 

As sunsets are particularly popular, we offer shorter and cheaper charter routes built around seeing Fort Lauderdale’s fantastic sunsets. Our sunset river cruise discounts allow for shorter 2-hour trips, saving you money while prioritizing the perfect time of day.


There are plenty of things to see and admire for either their history, natural beauty, or sheer luxury. Our services include a scenic boat tour for those who wish to know more about the surrounding area. One popular portion of the Fort Lauderdale river cruise is the Millionaire’s Row sightseeing cruise. This portion involves going through the part of the New River filled with some of the world’s largest and most extravagant mansions. 

Another hard-to-miss historically significant site during a Fort Lauderdale boat tour is the Stranahan House. Built in 1901, it’s the oldest surviving building in the city. The Stranahan House has served various purposes throughout time, from a trading post to being the local town hall. Further, Fort Lauderdale boat tours can take you to see the historic Riverside Hotel and the locally important Port Everglades and its collection of cruise ships.

Sandbar Cruise

Grab one of our Fort Lauderdale party yacht rentals and spend the day enjoying one of the numerous sandbars. 

In South Florida, sandbars act like magnets to anyone wanting to have a lively experience on the water. These areas of raised sand bring about extremely shallow waters in the center of a large body of water. The waters are so shallow that people can walk around the area freely. As such, many boaters gather in this area to party and make new friends. 

At the mouth of the New River sits a prime location for a Fort Lauderdale sandbar party. This is a great place to cruise by and people watch or stop in and join in on the fun. Those who want something closer to Miami will enjoy our Haulover sandbar charter. While it does take longer to get to due to its location, you’ll be able to ride through the intercoastal and experience an even larger party scene by Haulover park. 


If the aesthetics of a sailboat are more your style, then you’ll love our Fort Lauderdale sailboat charter. Experience the charm of a sailboat as you ride through the new river. If you choose to go out into the ocean after your Fort Lauderdale river cruise, you’ll even be able to set sail in open seas.

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