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Fort Lauderdale Yacht Charter

Many would argue that it’s better to experience South Florida from the water than from land. With countless waterways cutting through the city and a culture intertwined with marine life, many turn to Fort Lauderdale yacht charters for a novel perspective on the South Florida area.

Flamingo Yacht Charters looks to be your provider of yacht charters in the Fort Lauderdale area. With an affordable fleet and experienced staff, we can make your next Florida adventure memorable.

Reasons to Charter a Yacht

Pursuing a Fort Lauderdale yacht charter allows one to try a wide range of experiences. Whether you’re seeking adventurous and boisterous or calm and serene, there’s a yacht charter for you. Along the waters of Fort Lauderdale, you’ll find plenty of things waiting to be experienced by you.

Here are some of the most popular things to do on a yacht charter:

Have a Yacht Party 

A party on the water is an experience like no other. For those looking to take the party beyond the beach and nightclubs, we offer the best Fort Lauderdale party yacht rentals. Our yacht charter fleet comes stacked with plenty of amenities to ensure a great time. Just hand us a grocery list, and we’ll handle the rest.

Visiting the Fort Lauderdale area allows for plenty of backdrops for your next party. Stroll through the river viewing the city’s sights while partying with your friends, or choose to barhop around the local bars and restaurants right on the water.

If you are looking to mingle with other party-goers, there are great locations for that as well. Pull up with a Haulover Sandbar charter to meet locals and tourists alike. For a quieter experience, visit the Fort Lauderdale Sandbar Party. These areas of elevated sand allow you to quite literally stand in the middle of the water and meet other people who have anchored nearby. 

Tour the City

There is a reason that Fort Lauderdale is considered “The Venice of America.” With over 300 miles of intercoastal waterways in the area, it’s easy to see a lot of the area without ever having to leave the yacht charter. The New River is a major waterway that cuts through the heart of the city and is a popular destination for a Fort Lauderdale river cruise

The river, thought to have appeared suddenly when an earthquake broke the ceiling of an underground river, played an essential role in the development of Fort Lauderdale. As such, there are many points of interest along the river’s edge. 

The middle portion of the river cuts right through downtown Fort Lauderdale near the famous Riverwalk. Dock and walk through local shops or stop to eat at a restaurant or bar. Amongst these buildings sits Broward County’s oldest building, the Straham House. Further down the river is the millionaire’s row sightseeing cruise, a seemingly endless line of some of the most opulent mansions you’ll ever see. Continuing, you’ll pass through the lively New River Sandbar, eventually leading towards Port Everglades and the massive cruise ships coming in and out of the Atlantic. 

Corporate Retreat

A Fort Lauderdale yacht rental can be the foundation of a great team-building activity or a reward for hard-working employees. With plenty of opportunities for watersports or on-shore excursions, boat and yacht charters provide an excellent venue for team activities that will surely be memorable. Otherwise, the luxury of a yacht charter can be a perfect incentive for employees to work towards.

Aside from company events, a luxury yacht charter will be sure to impress a potential client. If you have a critical deal to close, why not do it on one of our charters? The relaxing ambiance of the gentle waters will be sure to beat the hectic chaos of the office. Plus, with the inherited mobility of a boat, you can make your yacht meeting explicitly suited to you and your client.


There are few things more romantic than a night on the water. Boats provide a feeling of seclusion and intimacy that will be hard to match with other venues. That is why we provide Fort Lauderdale dinner cruises allowing you to ditch the crowded restaurant for your special night.

On this Fort Lauderdale yacht charter, we offer many options to tailor the experience to your choosing. Cruise through the calm waters as you eat your meal and drink a glass of wine. Or perhaps you want to stay in a particular spot with a great view. We’ll make sure to get you there.

With our concierge service, we can acquire any preparations you desire. We can also prepare your food onboard for extra special occasions, fresh with a private chef. 


South Florida is one of the richest areas of marine diversity. The city of Fort Lauderdale is found on the northern tip of the Florida Reef, the third-largest barrier reef in the world. As such, private Fort Lauderdale snorkeling trips are a popular option for adventure seekers. With over 6,000 marine species in the area, you’re sure to spot something interesting near the ocean floor.

For thrillseekers, Flamingo Yacht Charters offers tubing, fishing, and spearfishing charters.

Clients Say

All was perfect, especially with such a nice, competent, diligent and young team!

Philip Roberts

Philip Roberts

Thank you for a great charter and sail training. Excellent from every aspect! Good luck!

Michael Sandoval

Michael Sandoval

We had a fantastic week and would highly recommend Dennis and his team!

Patrick Adams

Patrick Adams

Your team is fantastic, passionate people who turn every our visit into an exciting journey!

Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts

The Best Yacht Rental in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Flamingo Yacht Charters provides one of the best yacht rentals in the area. Our yacht charter allows you to experience South Florida at a rare level of comfort and luxury. 

Our Farline Targa 48 is no small yacht charter. The yacht comes from the storied Fairline brand priding itself on being ahead of the curve in technology and comfort. The Yacht charter features an open-air cabin allowing you and your guests to experience the crisp ocean breeze. However, a fabric top is there for when the sun becomes overbearing. The deck is filled with plenty of upholstered seating and sunbathing locations for true relaxation. A fridge, ice maker, and grill are also found on deck for easy access.

Matching the amount of space on deck, the yacht charter provides plenty of room on the inside. Below you can find three bedrooms and two bathrooms. An open living area complete with a fully equipped galley can comfortably seat you and your party when you want to get out of the sun.

Experience Luxury

Not only are the yacht rentals luxurious on their own, but we also strive to bring you excellence in service as well.

  • Private Tours. Allow our experienced captains to give you the best Fort Lauderdale boat tour. Experience a tour of the beautiful seascape without having to bump elbows with others on a crowded tour bus or boat.
  • Private Chef. Take your Fort Lauderdale dinner cruise to the next level. Thanks to our on-site facilities, we can prepare various dishes specifically for your special day. 
  • Concierge Service. Simply provide us a grocery list, and we will make sure to stock up with everything before departure.
  • Custom Requests. As long as it’s legal, we can cater to most custom requests. Just ask!

Why Flamingo Yacht Charters?

As locals, we feel right at home navigating through the maze of canals throughout South Florida. We bring years of experience to the table and look to achieve and maintain some of the highest standards in the area. We are able to provide great tips regarding the spots to see and experience, making sure that you have a memorable vacation. 

Additionally, we understand the importance of an affordable yacht charter. As many people as possible should be able to experience the joys of being on the water, and so, we always aim to keep our prices low.

Schedule a Yacht Charter Today!

On top of finalizing bookings, we can help you with any other questions regarding discounts or must-see sights. We intend to keep you informed, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions about your potential Fort Lauderdale yacht charters. Make sure to check our yacht charter discounts for a great deal. You can contact our lead coordinator directly at 305-450-1066 or [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on our next charter!

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