Fort Lauderdale Sailboat Charters

Fort Lauderdale is arguably better experienced through the water than on land. Labeled as the Venice of America, there is no shortage of waterways to traverse and places to explore. Boating is a large part of the culture in the area. As such, you’ll find luxurious accommodations on our Fort Lauderdale sailboat charters. 

While many of us are accustomed to seeing glitzy luxury yacht charters on the waters of South Florida, there is something timeless and romantic about being on one of our Fort Lauderdale sailboat charters. The aesthetics give way to a more casual relaxed vibe that can really elevate a day on the water.

As part of our yachts for charter, Flamingo offers Fort Lauderdale sailboat charters in our affordable charter fleet. This private sailboat charter carries the same high level of standards and experience as any of our other vessels, guaranteeing a great day on the water.

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Fort Lauderdale Sailboat Charters

Sailboat Charter Rates

  • 1 - 2 passengers: $175.00 each
  • 3 passengers: $150.00 each
  • 4 passengers: $500 total
  • 5- 6 passengers: $600 total

    Day On The Water 

    There are plenty of opportunities for activities on your sailboat rental. Fort Lauderdale is a vibrant city with no shortage of things to do and see. Whether you want to have a calm and relaxed day or one with constant excitement, we can help find the perfect activity for you. Here are some of the most popular uses of sailboat day charters.

    River Tour

    The most prominent waterway in the Fort Lauderdale area is recognized as the New River. Cutting through the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, New River is a popular place for both transportation and leisure cruising. With its interesting surroundings, the canal is perfect for a casual Fort Lauderdale river cruise.

    The luxuriously lined river allows passengers to take in the sites of multi-million dollar yachts and houses. As the river gets closer to downtown, luxury homes dissipate while restaurants and other attractions take their place. A collection of restaurants and bars occupy the sides and is visited by tourists and locals alike. Integrated docks allow for easy access to get a bite to eat or a quick drink. It’s no surprise that this river is the most popular location for Fort Lauderdale boat tours.

    The Riverwalk borders part of the river and is a hotbed for local events and shops. Some other places such as Broward County’s oldest building, the Stranahan House can also be viewed from the river. Parks dot the sides of the river to break up the urban sprawl and provide plenty of visual variety. 

    At the end of the river sits the famous sandbar, a hotbed for weekend parties. Upon hitting the fork at Port Everglades inlet, you can head out to sea or continue on through the intercoastal waterways.

    Dinner Cruise

    Dinner cruises in Fort Lauderdale are also another very popular choice for Fort Lauderdale yacht charters. Getting hungry during one of our Fort Lauderdale sailboat charters is inevitable but we have you covered. At Flamingo we can make the experience as casual or as formal as you please. Our onboard amenities and equipment include a cooler, icemaker, and eating utensils. Feel free to bring your own meals on board. However, to save you the hassle of hauling your own food, you can send us a grocery list and we’ll make sure your Fort Lauderdale sailboat charter is stocked with all your requested foods before you depart. 

    With our affordable sailboat charter, you can opt for a romantic dinner cruise for two. Your captain can route you to calmer waters and maybe even spot a sunset. The intimacy of a quietly drifting sailboat is an unmatched feeling impossible to replicate through any traditional restaurant.

    If you are interested in sampling the local eats, there are plenty of bars and restaurants located right on the water. Your route can take you through multiple restaurants and bars found on the river where you can simply dock up to.


    Those looking for a Fort Lauderdale party yacht rental may not initially consider the classical aura of a sailboat. However, our sailboat charter is as capable as the rest. Create a special memory with one of our party yacht experiences. Enjoy partying on sandbars, swimming, and seeing the sights on a boat piloted by one of our experienced captains. 

    The most popular destination for those looking for a party atmosphere is certainly the Sandbar, located near the mouth of the New River. The area of elevated sand is a great gathering spot for many boaters who are able to depart their boats and congregate in the waist-deep water. Additionally, it’s the perfect place to mingle and make new friends. 

    Another party hot spot can be found further down south at the Haulover sandbar.


    Sailing yacht rentals for birthday parties are a great way to make a lifelong memory. The itinerary can be as exciting or as calm as the person of honor wishes. Spend the day partying at sandbars or snorkeling through beautiful reefs. Or simply cruise through the lavish parts of Fort Lauderdale while enjoying a large slice of birthday cake.

    If you’re looking forward to marriage or a honeymoon getaway, a wedding yacht charter could be for you.


    There are plenty of interesting locations to go sailing in the Fort Lauderdale area. While you are by no means limited to just these areas, they are great locations for those that might be unsure about where to spend the day.

    Fort Lauderdale Sandbar

    At the end of the New River sits the Ford Lauderdale Sandbar. The sandbar is in close proximity to many other locations such as downtown Fort Lauderdale, Port Everglades, and the entrance into the Atlantic Ocean. Sitting in the middle of a lake surrounded by multi-million dollar homes, the sandbar is a gathering spot for many boaters, especially on the weekends. The elevated sand allows for the novel feeling of standing in the middle of the water.

    Lake Sylvia

    Located not too far from the Fort Lauderdale Sandbar, Lake Sylvia is nestled away in the harbor beach neighborhood. Not too far away from this calm lake is a bustling marina with plenty of food and drinks for when you start to feel hungry.

    Sunset Lake

    As the name implies, this is a great place to catch a sunset. These waters are not as frequently traveled through, allowing for great leisure swimming or paddleboarding thanks to the lack of current.


    To really customize your experience, we offer plenty of extras to add to your Fort Lauderdale sailboat charter. We are always striving to meet your expectations so if there is a special request that you don’t see mentioned here, please let us know and we’ll try our best to accommodate. 

    Snorkeling Trip

    It would be a shame if you did not get to experience a Fort Lauderdale snorkeling tour while in the area.

    With Fort Lauderdale being located at the northern tip of the third-largest barrier reef in the world, the Florida Reef, the ocean waters are an absolute treasure trove of interesting sites. The rich ecological diversity of the reefs house over 6000 species of marine life. Along with an interesting amount of organic life, there are also many shipwrecks and other manmade reefs that are found throughout the waters.

    Your Fort Lauderdale sailboat charter will be well equipped with the appropriate equipment for snorkeling, allowing you to travel light and not worry about forgetting anything.

    Spreading Ashes

    Florida’s seemingly endless coast sets the mood for tranquility. Starring off into the blue abyss allows you to take in the beauty of life. Celebrate the end of a great life by sharing your loved ones’ ashes with the sea. 

    Sailing Lessons 

    Operating a sailboat is not the vital task that it once was hundreds of years ago before the prevalence of engines. However, many people are still fascinated by the operation of these wind-powered vessels. While you’re on your sailboat charter, our captain can give you a thorough explanation and some hands-on experience regarding the operation of a sailboat, giving you a greater appreciation for the mechanisms at play.


    If you have any questions regarding a potential Fort Lauderdale sailboat charter or want to make a special request, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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