One of the key benefits of Fort Lauderdale boat tours is the ability to explore the city’s many attractions and landmarks from a unique perspective. With its numerous canals, rivers, and waterways, Fort Lauderdale has built a reputation as the “Venice of America.” There is much to see throughout the waterways, from a vast history to yachts to the famous Fort Lauderdale Millionaires Row.

Book a short tour on our Monterey 33′ or extend the adventure and head for a swim on one of our larger vessels. Whether going for a leisure cruise or looking to go snorkeling, each of our trips takes the same sightseeing tour through Fort Lauderdale.

From the beginning of most of our New River cruises, you’ll experience the city’s lively social hub, waterfront restaurants, iconic landmarks, and historic neighborhoods. As we enter Millionaires Row, we’ll explore the homes of the rich and famous, along with their accompanying mega yachts. Our Fort Lauderdale boat tours lead the pack, with accurate data and well-trained guides.

Found Along The Way

While the Fort Lauderdale Millionaires Row tour is most recognized, South Florida has no shortage of glitz, glam, and history. Taking the initial form of a Riverwalk boat tour, you’ll see the most historic buildings in Fort Lauderdale, such as the Stranahan House and the historic Riverside Hotel. As we leave the river, our private boat tour takes you through the heart of luxury, where sightseeing holds no bounds.

  • Stranahan House. While far from the most extravagant home found on the river, the Stranahan House contrasts heavily against the modern architecture of downtown Fort Lauderdale. The house is the oldest standing building in Broward County, a product of Frank Stranahan.
  • Railroad Bridge. During your Ft Lauderdale boat tour, you’ll encounter a peculiar bridge along the riverwalk boat ride. Unlike the various other bridges carrying vehicles and pedestrians, this one is responsible for allowing trains to pass over the river.
  • Riverside Hotel. The Riverside Hotel is one of the most influential buildings on the Las Olas landscape. The hotel opened its doors in late 1936. Started by two brothers from Chicago, the Riverside Hotel has a distinctly Mediterranean flavor to its architecture. This building style would influence the rest of Las Olas Boulevard’s development, which has always been described as having a distinctly European flavor.
  • Millionaires Row. Home to the rich and famous, this stretch of waterways found along any Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal tour holds the largest and most extravagant homes in the region Ranging from $15 million up to $98 million, these homes each hold a story worth telling.
  • Bahia Mar. Most famously known as the hub for boat shows, this marina holds some of the largest yachts in the world. With some mega yachts nearing $500 million, an up-close view makes for an unforgettable experience.

Premium Fort Lauderdale Boat Tours

If you are looking for Fort Lauderdale boat tours, Flamingo Yacht Charters aims to please. Our yachting experience allows you to explore the 300 miles of waterways, including the unique opportunity to experience a Fort Lauderdale boat tour of Millionaires Row, where you’ll find the vast and gorgeous estates of the wealthy and famous. With accurate and live data, our boat tour agency can point out any stars found along the way.

Regarding our quality standards, our sightseeing tours in Fort Lauderdale are unmatchable. Most of our vessels begin their journey at the end of the New River, allowing for the same Fort Lauderdale sightseeing cruise, regardless of budget. From a Las Olas boat tour covering the city’s vast history to the mega-mansions found in Millionaire’s Row, our coastal yacht tours cover all grounds.

Riverwalk Boat Tour

While on your luxury yacht charter, you will come across an area of greenery along the banks of the New River. This one-mile-long private boat tour brings reprieve from the countless historic buildings that line the sides of the New River. The Riverwalk boat tour goes through one of the most important portions of the cityscape. It’s not uncommon to see many residents either spending their leisure time here or catch glimpse of a new event taking place.

Millionaires Row Tour

There’s no better way to witness a concentrated amount of luxury and wealth than with a Fort Lauderdale sightseeing tour of Millionaire’s Row. This Fort Lauderdale boat tour of homes takes you through a later portion of the New River. There you can find some of Florida’s most expensive and impressive  homes lined up alongside the river’s edges.

Where and What is Millionaire Row?

A unique place to visit in Fort Lauderdale is Millionaire Row, a collection of pricy estates found along the waterway. This area of absolute opulence is located along the New River, the most prominent waterway in the city. The Fort Lauderdale Millionaire’s Row boat tour can be standalone or a gateway to activities such as a visit to the Fort Lauderdale sandbar.

Our yacht tour of Fort Lauderdale allows you to view, up close, the houses on Millionaires Row. Owned by people with exciting backgrounds, like celebrities and founders of big-name companies, our tours will give you a sense of the city and the extraordinary stories of people found here. While most of the big homes are found right alongside the New River, our Fort Lauderdale canal tours can let you see some of the lesser-seen homes within the maze of canals that line the city.

Fort Lauderdale’s Millionaires Row is home to many of the rich and famous, most of whom prefer to stay incognito. The area holds very few full-time residents, making spotting a celebrity unlikely. However, viewing the largest homes in America alongside the most opulent yachts in the world is an experience in itself. Here are just some notable names whose properties you’ll see during any Fort Lauderdale water tours:

  • Jay Leno
  • Jason Taylor
  • Papa Johns founder John Schnatter
  • Andrew Heller of Heller Capital
  • Billionaire Wayne Huizenga
  • Actor David Cassidy
  • Brazilian Race Car Driver Hélio Castroneves
  • Alamo Rent-A-Car Founder Michael Egan

Sightseeing in Fort Lauderdale

While the Millionaire’s Row is the most glitzy aspect of the Fort Lauderdale sightseeing boat tour, there are many other things to see.

This includes the Stranahan House, a look back towards the history of South Florida, contrasting heavily against the modern architecture of downtown Fort Lauderdale. In fact, the house is the oldest standing building in Broward County, a product of Frank Stranahan. Not too far from the Stranahan House is the Riverside Hotel, one of the most influential buildings in Las Olas. First opened in 1936, the hotel has a distinctly Mediterranean design that influenced the rest of the development on Las Olas Blvd and turned it into what we know today. As you proceed further in our Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal boat tour, you’ll see Bahia Mar, most famous for its hub for boat shows, holding the largest yachts in the world. These are among the few places you’ll see during our boat tours in Fort Lauderdale.

Las Olas Boat Tour

Each of our trips begins at the end of Las Olas Blvd. The hotspot for anyone visiting Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas is the city’s cultural Main Street, filled with shops and restaurants. Known as “the waves” in Spanish, Las Olas first came about in the 1920s to connect downtown Fort Lauderdale with the beach. With it becoming the eventual mainline for the city, the development of Las Olas began to spike. Today, you’ll see a mix of new and old buildings, restaurants, shops, and events alongside the street as you go up and down the New River, which runs parallel.

Sunset Tour

All coastal yacht tours are instantly enhanced underneath the soft glow of South Florida’s sunset. Our Fort Lauderdale sunset tour will allow you to witness the city’s most beautiful state. Our captains know the perfect spots to capture an alluring sky over calm waters. The ambiance allotted by a sunset boat tour is perfect for those looking for the ultimate boat tour in Fort Lauderdale.

The Best Boat Tour Agency

Flamingo Yacht Charters aims to beat the service provided by any other sightseeing boat tour agencies. Our high service standards and intimate knowledge of the surrounding area enrich our customers’ experience. In short, the Fort Lauderdale boat tours provided by us are unmatchable. 

Whether celebrating a bachelorette party on a boat or looking for a romantic dinner cruise, each boat tour is held to the utmost standards.


We are among the best private boat tours in Fort Lauderdale. While many travelers are okay co-existing with strangers, we understand that most people feel most at ease when they are around people they know. Don’t let your tour be ruined by an unruly group of people who spoil your experience of our beautiful landscape. With our private boat tours, you know that no one aside from our crew will be with you during your trip. So, feel free to be yourself and not have to worry about others.

Exclusive Info

With years of experience as the leading boat tour agency, we have built ourselves as one of the most informative sightseeing tours in Fort Lauderdale. Our captains are prepared with some of the most comprehensive facts and anecdotes of the surrounding area, ensuring you’ll leave our yacht tour with at least a few interesting things to tell your friends back home.

Available Yachts

While our standard Millionaires Row boat tour is done on our Monterey 33′, we understand the desire to expand options. To clarify, each and every one of our other extended trips experience the same boat tour through Fort Lauderdale. Therefore, whether booking a sunset cruise or a Fort Lauderdale sailing charter, you’ll be met with the same sights and gathered intel.

$225 / hour
34 knots
$375 / hour
9 knots
$175 / hour
5 knots
$175 / hour
45 knots


Our nimble Monterey 328SS leads the yacht charter fleet in versatility. The Monterey is a great value for groups that aren’t too large, without much compromise. For instance, if you want to enhance one of our Fort Lauderdale boat tours with a stop at the sandbar, this is the boat to do it in. Experience luxury without any compromises. The boat can hold ten people comfortably and has a fully equipped restroom.

Enjoy a day on the water with our spacious Monterey 328ss. On board, you’ll find a fridge, cooler, storage space, and an available restroom. Take a dip in the water and take advantage of our available floats!


Our Farline Targa 48 is the most popular boat in our fleet. Priding itself on being ahead of the curve in technology and comfort, this yacht comes from the storied European Fairline brand. For example, this Fort Lauderdale yacht rental features an open-air cockpit, allowing you and your guests to experience the crisp ocean breeze. If the sun becomes overbearing, step underneath our new canvas top or into our recently renovated cabin.

On board, you’ll find ample seating, sun pads on both the bow and stern, an ice maker, a fridge, and two designated coolers. The cabin has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large entertainment area with a TV and game system.

Matching the amount of space on deck, the yacht charter provides plenty of room on the inside. Below, you can find three bedrooms and two bathrooms. An open living area complete with a fully equipped galley can comfortably seat you and your party when you want to get out of the sun. Each trip on this vessel includes water, ice, fruits, and general snacks. To get your alcohol or food on board, ask us about our courtesy concierge services.

Sea Ray

The Sea Ray 480 Sedan Bridge is a luxurious cruiser with a spacious interior and many amenities. As you enter the sliding glass door, you’ll be met with a large air-conditioned cabin featuring a dinette, an entertainment center, three staterooms, and two heads. Wraparound windows allow you to take in the scenery while escaping the Florida heat. In addition, this yacht also features an open cockpit with ample seating and an elongated bow to relax in the sun and intake the ocean breeze.

In short, this yacht charter provides plenty of room for entertaining inside and out. The open living area features a fully equipped galley and dining table to seat you and your friends comfortably. A plush couch and additional bean bags ensure that there’s no shortage of seating. We offer plenty of outdoor fun with available Bote floats, a floating mat, snorkeling, and tubing gear. Additionally, you can keep your drinks cold with our large Yeti ice chest.


It can be argued that Fort Lauderdale is better experienced through the water than on land. Claimed as the Venice of America, there is no shortage of waterways to explore. Moreover, our sailboat allows you to view new depths of the city with an endless stream of activities. Yachting is a large part of life in South Florida, and here, you’ll find accommodations to match the prestige status.

Take a tour through the new river and a dip in the sea while venturing through South Florida on the Wind Pirate. This sailboat has many amenities, including an ice-cold fridge, sanitary facilities, an onboard fresh water shower, and plenty of on-site luggage storage.

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Above all, your enjoyment on the waterway is our priority. So, if you are looking for the best Fort Lauderdale boat tour, look no further than Flamingo Yacht Charters. Our experience and attention to detail allow us to lead the city with the best boat tour offered. As a result, any of our yachts will provide you with an unparalleled experience and a day worth remembering.

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