The Best Fort Lauderdale Party Yacht Rentals

There is no better way to experience Fort Lauderdale than through a party yacht. Enjoy partying at sandbars, while swimming, or while on the move with a boat piloted by one of our experienced captains. With multiple vessels to choose from, you can have the exact party experience catered to your every need.

Whether it’s a bachelor party, birthday party, or a spontaneous trip, allow us to guide the way.

What We Offer

While there are plenty of Fort Lauderdale party yachts available, we strive to be the best. Our boats come with plenty of amenities to make your next celebration a smooth one. We stock all the necessities such as sunblock, towels, ice, water, and good vibes. We also offer recreational gear such as snorkeling equipment and fishing rods to further enhance your celebration.

No one wants to lug around a bunch of supplies, so let us do the work for you. We offer a comprehensive concierge service that can do the heavy lifting for you. Simply give a list of items you want on the boat, such as particular foods or snacks, and we’ll purchase them on your behalf. You’ll step on a boat ready to go with everything needed for a memorable day.

Yacht Party on the Move

There is no shortage of party spots in the waters of Fort Lauderdale. With over 300 miles of intercoastal waterways in the area, it’s no surprise that the city is known as “The Venice of America”. As such, experiencing the city through its waterways might actually be the “proper” way to go about it.

With total control of the best party yacht, feel free to go wherever your heart desires. With our scenic boat tour, you can cruise in front of multimillion-dollar mansions as your party away. Stop at the multitude of bars and restaurants that are located right on the water or go through one of the inlets and experience the ocean, it’s all in your hands.

Thanks to the extensive waterways, it’s easy to get around the South Florida area and find the perfect hotspot for your party yacht rental. Whether you want to keep your party yacht in Fort Lauderdale or venture towards Miami, there are great places to overlook while you party the day away.

Fort Lauderdale Yacht Party

The most prominent waterway in the Fort Lauderdale area is the New River. Cutting through the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, New River is the main highway for any party yacht in the area. 

In the early days, the river was vital to the development of the city. Today it sits as the perfect place for anyone wanting to take in the sites of multi-million dollar yachts and houses. As the river gets closer to downtown, luxury homes start to disappear while restaurants and other attractions take their place. A collection of restaurants and bars occupy the sides, visited by tourists and locals alike. Integrated docks allow for easy access on and off the yacht. 

At the end of the river sits the popular Fort Lauderdale Sandbar, a hotbed for weekend parties. 

Miami Yacht Party 

While there are a wide range of sandbars located in South Florida, there are few more famous than the Haulover sandbar. With a Haulover Sandbar charter, you gain access to one of Miami’s most vibrant scenes. Only accessible by boat, this sandbar is the perfect gathering point for anyone looking to have a fun time.

Once anchored at the sandbar, feel free to jump into the pristine waist-deep waters. With the Haulover sandbar being so densely packed, any trip to the hotspot will present a great opportunity to meet other fun-loving people. If you don’t want to get off your party yacht, the Haulover sandbar is still a perfect place to just relax and people-watch.

While bringing your own food and drinks can make the experience even better, it isn’t necessary. The Haulover sandbar is home to a food-boat that offers a typical menu of burgers and the local favorite, ceviche salad. The boat also offers ice cream, drinks, and other snacks. You can either swim up to the boat or have one of the workers take your order and delivery it to you via a kayak.

Different Yacht Rentals for Parties

Regardless of the occasion, there are many ways that you can adapt your Fort Lauderdale river cruise. A day on the water is rarely something that people would turn down and the atmosphere can be as calm or as rambunctious as one wishes. Here are just a few examples of how guests take advantage of their party yachts.

Birthday Parties

Yacht rentals for birthdays are a special way to make memories. You’ll be able to consolidate the activities and celebrations all in one location at an affordable rate. Go on an adventure sightseeing at some of the most beautiful locations in Fort Lauderdale, spend the day fishing and snorkeling in South Florida’s pristine waters, or take a thrilling water tubing ride.


With plenty of space on board, end the day blowing out birthday candles as you gaze into the gorgeous ocean horizon.


For that special day, why not go on a special trip? Yacht rentals for weddings are a great way to impress your loved one. Whether it’s for your bachelorette party, bachelor’s party, wedding party, honeymoon, or even the wedding day itself, a day at sea on a yacht charter is a great way to celebrate. 


Sometimes, there’s no grand reason to celebrate on a party yacht. Perhaps you and your friends just want to unwind and party your hearts out. Whatever your flavor of fun is, we’ll be sure to accommodate.

Feel free to give us a shopping list and we’ll make sure that your party yacht is stocked up and ready to go prior to your arrival. If you plan to do part of your partying on land, no problem. Fort Lauderdale has plenty of bars and restaurants located right on the water, allowing you to bar hop without having to step foot on a road. 

Dinner Cruises

Sometimes you want a calm and serene experience with your loved ones. There are few better ways to get some peace and relaxation than with a dinner cruise in Fort Lauderdale.

Impress your loved one with an unforgettable date night on a dinner cruise. When compared to dining at a traditional restaurant, the benefits are unmatched. No longer having to sit alongside other guests in a crowded dining room, you can enjoy a meal while the waters help achieve an intimate and calm ambiance.

Additionally, you aren’t restricted to the foundations of a building. Know a perfect spot on the water that you want to overlook while you eat? Let us know and we’ll position you with that special view in mind. If you’re unsure of the perfect spot, no problem, just let your captain know and they’ll handle the rest.

Your Nearest Party Yacht Rental

We hope that you choose Flamingo Yacht Charters for your next Fort Lauderdale party yacht rental. We aim to keep quality standards high and prices low with our yacht charter fleet. Additionally, we host frequent discounts to lower our prices further, so check back often on our yachts for party rentals.

If you have any questions or would like to book your next party yacht, don’t hesitate to contact us

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