• Trip for four: $800
  • Trip for two: $600
  • Late night cruise for six: $800
Dinner: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Contact us for longer trips or a custom schedule.

  • Ice Water
  • Snacks
  • 4K TV
  • Game Consoles
  • Sanitary Facilities
  • Air Conditioning

Skip the Jungle Queen and dine with status. At Flamingo Yacht Charters, we offer customizability to fit your party size and budget. While all our trips include snacks, soda, and water, we also offer three distinct dining packages.

Concierge Services

The first option is the simplest. Provide us with a wish list prior to departure and we can stock the boat up for you. This can be select snacks, equipment, drinks, or full meals catered by a local restaurant. Our boat is stocked with cutlery and tableware allowing you to enjoy just about any meal while on our boat.

This service comes at no additional charge. Billing for the cost of goods is done separately with our concierge partner. Our standard charter rate is for parties up to six. For parties up to twelve, an additional fee applies for the hire of a licensed captain.

Visit a Restaurant on the Water

Fort Lauderdale is home to an abundance of waterfront restaurants. End your day on the water with a boat ride to one of the city’s premiere restaurants.

This service is included with our standard rates. You’re welcome to end your night at the restaurant or take a trip back up the river afterward. Waterfront restaurants are open for both lunch and dinner allowing for flexibility with our schedule.

Private Chef

Available for parties up to four, Flamingo Yacht Charters is able to offer the most exclusive dining option in Fort Lauderdale. Choose a menu option for the party and dine in our yachts galley or outdoors with the breathtaking sights.

This service is exclusively run from 7:00 pm – 10:00 at no additional cost. With the comfort of our guests and chef in mind, we restrict this service to a maximum of four passengers. Private dinners for two are available at a discounted rate.


    Experience a Fort Lauderdale Dinner Cruise

    People love eating, and people love being on boats, so why not take one of our Fort Lauderdale yacht charters and experience both? Combined with a sunset boat tour, a dinner cruise in Fort Lauderdale will make for an unforgettable meal.

    A yacht charter with a chef doesn’t have to be exclusive to the ultra-rich. Thanks to our onboard amenities, we can prepare food on the vessel, ensuring a warm and delicious meal. This luxury service is highly customizable, and we strive to prepare whatever you desire. 

    Date Night

    With a private and romantic dinner cruise for two, you’ll be able to impress your loved one with an unforgettable date night. Dining at sea with a sunset dinner cruise brings an unmatchable atmosphere.


    A dinner river cruise doesn’t have to be an intimate affair. If there’s a cause for celebration, why not enjoy it on the waters of Fort Lauderdale? 

    Eat at Sea

    Regardless of the choice between a sunset dinner on a yacht or a brunch cruise, all of our yachts for charter offer snacks and many amenities. While we allow our guests to bring food on board, we offer a more convenient alternative. Simply provide us a grocery list or a catering request and our concierge service will stock the boat up ahead of time. We provide ample storage and cooler space for all of our guests.

    Riverfront Restaurants

    With how prominent the waterways are to Fort Lauderdale, it’s no surprise that restaurant and bar owners have placed their establishments right on the river. Many of these places have docks, enabling us to simply sail up to the restaurant. So if you would simply like to eat a meal from an established restaurant instead, let us know, and we’ll set the course. Eat at the restaurant or grab it to go and continue on your adventure.


    We know food choice is very personal, and we want your Fort Lauderdale dinner cruise to be perfect. If you have any special food requests or questions about your dinner cruises in Fort Lauderdale, please feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your desires.

      About The Trip

      You’re welcome to bring your own food or beverages on board. However, our concierge service comes free of charge. Provide us with a list of purchase requests, and we can acquire them on your behalf. The cost of goods will be billed separately by our concierge partner, and you will receive all related receipts. For more information on this service, contact us with the form above. 

      For those wanting a more exclusive experience, we offer two options. Take our yacht to one of the many waterfront restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, or enjoy an exclusive dinner cruise. Both options are included at the base charter rates; however, seating is limited. Restaurant trips can hold up to twelve passengers, while our private dinner on a boat is only available for up to four passengers. Upon request, we can offer lighter private boat dinners for parties larger than four. 

      The overall trip and its assigned adventures will be dependent on your allocated time and requests. Our journey starts at the end of the river and cruises you through the heart of Fort Lauderdale and its lively downtown. At the mouth of the river, you’ll have to option to explore the coast of Florida via an ocean adventure or continue through the intercoastal. 

      Day Trips

      A boat ride with dinner is an experience of its own. However, with a complete day trip, you’ll have ample time to discover what the coast has to offer. After the river cruise, explore the ocean with a private Fort Lauderdale snorkeling tour. For a more relaxed day, anchor at the Fort Lauderdale sandbar and enjoy some of our available floats. 

      For lunch, you’re welcome to take advantage of our concierge service ahead of time, bring your own food, or allow our catering partner to prepare a light lunch of hamburgers, hotdogs, or sandwiches. As a reminder, our services are fully customizable, so be sure to outline your perfect day when scheduling your trip. 

      With the day ending, enjoy a sunset cruise toward your dinner spot. Regardless of which meal plan you choose from, a dinner at sea will be like no other. Our top-rated dinner cruise will bring lifelong memories for you and your guests.

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