Fort Lauderdale Dinner Cruises

People love eating, and people love being on boats, so why not take one of our Fort Lauderdale yacht charters and experience both? We at Flamingo Yacht Charters have always strived to provide a completely customizable boating experience. As part of our affordable yacht charter offerings, we now offer Fort Lauderdale dinner cruises. With so many calm waters to cruise through, the Fort Lauderdale channels might offer the best location for an unforgettable meal.

If sailing is more your style, take a tour on our private sailboat charter. Combine it with a beautiful sunset boat tour, and you’ll be able to experience one of the most magical dinners of your life. 

Eat at Sea

While we allow you to bring your own food onboard, we offer a more convenient alternative. With our concierge service, all you have to do is hand us a grocery list, and we’ll gather all of your chosen meals ahead of time. You’ll arrive at a fully stocked boat and won’t have to worry about lugging food or a cooler.

Private Chef

A yacht charter with a chef doesn’t have to be exclusive to the ultra-rich. While it is an extra service, we extend this luxury to anyone who wants to have their Fort Lauderdale dinner cruise be as fresh as possible. Thanks to our onboard amenities, we can prepare food on the vessel, ensuring a warm and delicious meal. This luxury service is highly customizable, and we strive to prepare whatever you desire. 

Perfect Date Night

Impress your loved one with an unforgettable date night on a romantic dinner cruise for two. Being able to enjoy food on a yacht brings many benefits when compared to a traditional restaurant. Instead of sitting in a loud and crowded scene, you will be able to enjoy your meal in peace surrounded by boundless water. It would simply be too difficult for a traditional restaurant to match the same level of intimate ambiance.

Additionally, since you aren’t rooted to the foundation of a restaurant, you’ll be able to set the correct atmosphere. Create the perfect date night with a sunset dinner cruise. Do you know a perfect spot on the water that you want to overlook while you eat? Let us know, and we’ll position you in the ideal location. If you are unsure of a good site, don’t hesitate to ask one of your experienced captains, and they’ll be sure to place you and your loved one in that perfect spot. Elevate the night even higher by taking advantage of our private chef service, preparing fresh and delicious food for your special night.

Wedding Parties

Don’t simply celebrate your wedding with an oceanview hotel. Go and experience the ocean firsthand. Whether it’s a bachelor party, bachelorette party, or honeymoon celebration, wedding yacht charters are a truly memorable way to celebrate a newly formed relationship. 

If you are looking for one last good party before settling down, let us provide you with food and drinks fit to enhance the party vibe. Just hand us your list of groceries, and we’ll make sure that your Fort Lauderdale dinner cruise will be stocked and ready to go.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated celebration, we are happy to oblige. We’ll make sure to take your dinner cruise on the calmer and more picturesque portions of Fort Lauderdale. Since it can be such a special day, please do not hesitate to bring forth any special food requests that you may have.

A Family Event

A dinner river cruise doesn’t necessarily have to be an intimate affair. Any of the vessels within our yacht charter fleet can comfortably seat the whole family. So if there is some other cause for a celebration, such as a graduation or promotion, why not celebrate it on the waters of the New River?

You’ll still feel the privacy of celebrating at home, but with the added benefit of having any view you desire. With no other restaurant-goers around, you can be as casual and rambunctious on this dinner cruise in Fort Lauderdale as you wish.

Celebrate a Birthday

Enjoy a birthday cake on the water by getting a yacht rental for birthdays. As with many of our options, we aim to be as flexible as possible with our offerings. We know that every person wants to celebrate their birthday in a unique way.

So whether it’s a birthday cake-fueled snorkeling adventure in the ocean or a more restrained dinner cruising peacefully through the intercoastal, we are sure that a Fort Lauderdale dinner cruise will make for a special birthday celebration.

Restaurant Tours

With how prominent all the waterways are to the geography of Fort Lauderdale, it’s no surprise that boating is a big part of the culture. As such, plenty of restaurant and bar owners have taken advantage and placed their establishments right on the water. Many of these places have docks, enabling you to simply sail up to the restaurant. So if you would simply like to eat a meal from an established restaurant instead, let us know, and we’ll set course. Eat at the restaurant or grab it to go and continue on your adventure.


We know food choice is very personal, and we want your Fort Lauderdale dinner cruise to be perfect. If you have any special food requests or dinner cruise questions, please feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your desires.

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