Snorkeling Tour Rates

  • 1-2 passengers: $250 each
  • 3-6 passengers: $200 each
  • Private trip up to six passengers: $800 total
  • Extended Trip: $1,500 total

  • 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • Extended Trip: 10:00am – 6:00 pm

About the Boat
  • Ice Water
  • Snacks
  • Swim Floats
  • High-Quality Snorkel and Fins
  • Towels
  • 4K TV
  • Game Consoles
  • Sanitary Facilities and Showers
  • Air Conditioning

  • A shared trip is booked at a per-person rate. You may be grouped with other parties.
  • A private trip books the whole boat for up to six passengers. An extended trip allows for more time on the water and more dive spots hit.

A Fort Lauderdale Snorkeling tour is an enriching experience that you’ll never forget. One of the numerous services that our yacht charter fleet provides is Fort Lauderdale Snorkeling trips. The coastal city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, finds itself in a very ecologically diverse part of the world, ready to be explored by you. 

    Preparing for Your Fort Lauderdale Snorkeling Tour

    • Scrub Your Mask. While we maintain our own equipment, if you bought your own mask, it’s important that you gently scrub the inside film off with toothpaste. If you don’t do this step, your mask will be more likely to fog up.
    • Know Your Limits. Swimming in the ocean isn’t the same as diving at your local pool. Don’t stray too far from the group or over-exert yourself. Snorkeling is best done when you are calmly wading at the surface and observing the seafloor below.
    • Breathe. If it’s your first time snorkeling, practice proper breathing before heading out. Practice taking long and deep breaths. These will help you stay relaxed and conserve energy, allowing you to stay out for a more extended period.
    • Use a Dive Flag. Our provided dive flag is a simple safety device to let other boaters know to steer clear. If you are snorkeling as a group, make sure you are in the vicinity of the flag.
    • Don’t Disturb Nature. While looking for a great Fort Lauderdale snorkeling spot, you will undoubtedly encounter coral and other marine life. It’s vital that you do not disturb the coral as they are essential to the ecosystem’s survival. Similarly, do not attempt to interfere with any fish you find.

    Visit The Best Fort Lauderdale Snorkeling Spots

    Whether on our yacht charter or private sailboat charter, there is no shortage of unique snorkeling spots in the area. South Florida sits at the northern tip of the Florida Reef, the third-largest barrier reef in the entire world. These reefs are a hotspot for biodiversity and house over 6000 different species of marine life. In addition to the abundance of natural reefs, the area holds many shipwrecks and manmade sights to view during your ocean adventure. For those that want to squeeze in as many sights as possible, we’ll happily take you to multiple Fort Lauderdale snorkeling sites in a single outing. These trips can be a great component of a birthday yacht charter or the prelude to a romantic dinner cruise

    Vista Park Reef 

    A lesser-known gem of the Fort Lauderdale reefs. This area can shortly be reached after a Fort Lauderdale river cruise as the river empties directly into the ocean. The site is not as highly visited as some other locations mentioned, allowing for a more personal experience. Like many other locations, there is a dazzling array of vibrant corals, fish, and lobster on the reef. This reef is about 11-16 feet deep.


    Snorkeling at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea provides an excellent opportunity to see one of the numerous Fort Lauderdale coral reefs. The reefs in this area are much closer to the shore than other reefs, allowing for a relatively short trip to start your snorkeling adventure. This dive is about 12-15 feet deep.

    Twin Ledges

    As the name implies, this Fort Lauderdale snorkeling spot consists of two narrow reefs running parallel to one another and the shoreline. The bottom of the Twin Ledges ranges from 10-20 feet deep. Plenty of eye-catching sea fans and fish dot the seafloor in this area.

    Oakland Ridges 

    Not too far from Vista Park Reef is Oakland Ridges. It’s a similar depth at about 11-16 feet deep. As with the other reefs in Fort Lauderdale, this is an easy reef to navigate where you can just drift at the top of the waters and observe the colorful undersea life.

    Advanced Fort Lauderdale Snorkeling Sights

    Drifting atop the water and admiring the world below is a great way to experience your Fort Lauderdale snorkeling tour. However, for those who want to experience a little more adventure with their snorkeling excursion, more advanced locations are rife with technical routes and deeper dives.

    Barracuda Reef

    Located about half a mile away from shore, the Fort Lauderdale Barracuda Reef has no shortage of things to see. Visibility is generally really good in the area and allows you to see the towering coral and abundance of marine life. This dive is typically 20-30 feet.

    SS Copenhagen

    The SS Copenhagen is one of the most popular dive spots in Florida. A 325-foot long steamer built in 1898 in England got stuck in the reef while on a trip to Cuba in 1900. The original crew unloaded all the coal it was transporting but could not get the ship out of the reef. It would eventually be stripped of its parts, and while it was still visible above the water, the US Navy used the ship as target practice. Now sitting on the ocean floor, the SS Copenhagen functions as an artificial reef that is a joy to explore.  The wreck is in relatively shallow waters, 20-30 feet deep.


    If you have any questions regarding a Fort Lauderdale snorkeling tour setup, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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