If you’re looking for a packed adventure, consider our day trips from Fort Lauderdale. With Flamingo Yacht Charters, you can rent a boat for a day, explore everything “The Venice of America” offers, and more. With multiple boats available and a fully customizable itinerary, we can build your perfect getaway without compromise. Whether you are looking for a trip to Bimini, Miami, a snorkeling tour, sailing trips, tubing adventures, or something in between, we offer it all!

Take a Day Trip from Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is unsurprisingly a top travel destination for most. Its location along the warm Atlantic waters and close proximity to other popular destinations make it one of the best places to visit in South Florida. If you want to make the most of your stay here, spend a day on a yacht with a fully customizable itinerary. Whether looking for adventure or a leisure cruise, we offer options suitable for all.

Many of our day trips from Fort Lauderdale begin in the world-famous New River. As you travel down the river, you’ll explore the heart of our downtown. With an interesting mix of waterfront parks, restaurants, and modern architecture, it’s an eye-catching part of all Fort Lauderdale day trips. Along with these modernities, you’ll catch a glimpse of the past with landmarks such as the Stranahan House, an old turn-of-the-century trading outpost and currently the oldest standing building in Broward County.

The downtown gradually transitions into residential areas, where you’ll embark on a tour of Millionaire’s Row. All the best day trips from Fort Lauderdale take you through this row of architectural marvels. These opulent homes along the water’s edge house the wealthiest individuals in the country. Along the way, you’ll learn fun facts about these homeowners and how they amass such wealth. At the end of Millionaires Row, we enter the Intracoastal, where your whole-day boat charter in Fort Lauderdale and custom itinerary can begin.


The Fort Lauderdale Sandbar is a cherished attraction, drawing both locals and tourists. This distinctive and shallow locale is perfect for activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing, making it a prime spot for party boats.

If you rent a boat for a day in Fort Lauderdale, the sandbar is an essential destination for anyone who loves the sun and water. With longer trips, we can journey towards the famous Haulover Sandbar in Miami or head north towards Lake Boca.


Those who rent a yacht for a day in Fort Lauderdale should take advantage of the vicinity and explore the vibrant marine life that inhabits nearby waters.

South Florida sits at the northern tip of the Florida Reef, the third-largest barrier reef in the world. These reefs are a hotspot for biodiversity and are home to over 6000 species of marine life. With abundant wildlife to explore, you can spend the whole day on the water.


If you don’t have a particular destination or activity in mind, allow us to guide you through our waterways. With hundreds of miles of waterways, there’s seemingly no end to the sights you’ll see throughout the day. Tour through history, opulence, nature, and everything in between.


If your perfect outing includes heart-pumping thrills, opt for our water tubing option. Hold on tight and take turns on a high-speed tubing adventuring. As your friends zip around the boat, take photos and videos from the comfort of our spacious cockpit.


Spending the whole day on the water will surely work up an appetite. Whether you want to take a midday break to grab a bite or end the day with a filling dinner, Fort Lauderdale’s assortment of waterfront restaurants and our assortment of food packages are at your disposal. Whether you are looking for something convenient with friends or a romantic dinner cruise for two, our options are fully customizable.


If you need a break during your adventures, stop by any popular eating destinations, such as Shooters or 17th Street Fisheries, located right on the water. If you’re still at a sandbar when hunger strikes, you can take advantage of the food boat that frequents the area. Additionally, we offer a lunch package of our own, including hot dogs, and sodas, if you don’t want to make any stops.


If you want to end the day right, there are plenty of places to have a great dinner. Go to any previously mentioned venues or try Kaluz and Mastro’s Ocean Club for an upscale experience. If it’s just you and a partner, take advantage of our Private Chef experience. Our chef will create a fresh meal right on the boat for you, allowing you to enjoy an intimate dinner experience right on the water.

About The Boats

We aim to accommodate as many celebrations as possible at Flamingo Yacht Charters. Whether you are seeking a bachelorette boat party or a family fun day ending with a sunset cruise, our day trips from Fort Lauderdale come with endless options. Each vessel in our available yachts for charter offers its advantages.

If you need help deciding or want to explore your options about what we and our city can offer you, feel free to consult with us, and we’ll help plan a great day on one of our premium yachts.

$225 / hour
34 knots
$375 / hour
9 knots
$175 / hour
45 knots
$325 / hour
31 knots


The Farline Targa 48 is the favored vessel for any day trip from Fort Lauderdale, boasting cutting-edge technology and superior comfort. This European-made vessel offers an open-air cockpit for you and your guests to enjoy the refreshing ocean breeze. If the sun becomes too intense, you can stay underneath our new canvas top or within our recently renovated cabin.

Furthermore, onboard you’ll discover generous seating, sun pads on both the bow and stern, an ice maker, a fridge, and two designated coolers. The cabin has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious entertainment area featuring a TV and game system.

Sea Ray

Our Sea Ray offers among the most interior space within our fleet, making it perfect for those with large parties. The vessel features plenty of seating within its cabin. With its wraparound windows, you’ll be able to enjoy the views of Fort Lauderdale even while inside. Its retractable swim platform is great when it’s time to go snorkeling, making getting on and off the boat a breeze.

This vessel can accommodate twelve guests with a larger cabin of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large saloon. Our extended bow allows for extensive outdoor seating on the front of the vessel.

Fountaine Pajot

Embark on your day trip with the unparalleled Fontaine Pajot, a French catamaran designed for both style and comfort. With a length of 57 feet, this vessel features an impressive living space and a fully equipped galley complete with a stovetop, oven, and refrigerator. Transitioning from the spacious living area, you’ll find five bedrooms and restrooms, providing absolute privacy for you and your fellow guests.  Furthermore, the exterior of the Fontaine Pajot is adorned with numerous lounge areas, allowing you to bask in the sun from virtually any spot on the vessel and find the perfect view to take the ultimate picture.


The nimble Monterey 328SS is a greatly versatile vessel in our fleet. An excellent value for groups that aren’t too large, this Monterey is sure to keep the day going. So, if you want your day trip to focus on sandbars, then this is the boat for you. Its lower draft lets it handle shallow water perfectly, letting you get right into the middle of any sandbar. The boat can hold ten people comfortably and has a fully equipped restroom and storage room.

Wind Pirate

The Wind Pirate allows you to explore while learning to sail. As the only monohull in our fleet, this vessel is great for those wanting a closer experience of life at sea.  So, whether seeking education, a unique experience, or aesthetic photos, a sailboat provides adventures unattainable on our modern yachts.

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