The city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, provides unparalleled access to boating culture. Adding to its list of monikers, Fort Lauderdale has also been known as the Yacht Capital of the World, making it the premier place for those looking to ride a boat. 

With boating ingrained into the South Florida atmosphere, there are many worthwhile places to visit on and off land. The area has over 300 miles of canals that cut through the land, labeling it the “Venice of America.” Outside of watersports, shops and restaurants found on the water allow you to pull in on a boat as you would in a car. 

With such an extensive system of waterways, experiencing Fort Lauderdale by boat provides a unique way to get around. Our yacht charter fleet lets you explore the South Florida area while enjoying a yacht ride away from traffic.

Where to Go for a Boat Ride

Getting the most out of a luxury private yacht charter is undoubtedly a priority for anyone on a private boat ride. Given the wide variety of things one can do on a Fort Lauderdale boat ride, the answer is limitless. 

With that in mind, we can help you plan the perfect course for your trip. Below you can find some of the highlights of the South Florida area.


Those looking to take advantage of a party yacht should visit one of South Florida’s sandbars. For those unfamiliar, a sandbar is essentially a location centered in a body of water in which currents and other natural forces deposit sand. This causes a patch of water to be much shallower than the rest of the surrounding area. With their waist-deep waters, sandbars provide great secluded party spots away from any land-goers.

The shallow areas provide a great spot to people-watch or meet locals and make friends. Some locations even have restaurant boats with servers who swim up to your boat to take your order and deliver your food. Two of the largest and nearest boat ride sandbar locations are the New River Sandbar, located at the mouth of the New River, and the Haulover Sandbar, located further south in Miami.


Partying might be high on everyone’s minds, but there are also opportunities to experience a more sophisticated Fort Lauderdale boat tour. Here you’ll be able to ride a boat through some of the most beautiful and extravagant neighborhoods in the United States while experiencing the area’s natural beauty. 

Take a boat ride through Millionaires Row, filled with some of the most opulent houses in the world. Enjoy the sights and learn about some of the famous people that line the shores of Fort Lauderdale’s New River. As you ride on your Fort Lauderdale River Cruise, you’ll also encounter historic buildings that helped influence the development of Fort Lauderdale, such as the Stranahan House and the Riverside Hotel. One must also be sure to experience the size of Port Everglades, the third busiest cruise ship homeport in the world. There, you’ll be able to truly appreciate the immense sizes of these cruise ships.

If you prefer a more romantic color tone for your boat ride through the city, Fort Lauderdale sunset cruises provide a great opportunity. 


For those looking to tour the local cuisine, there are few better ways to do it than while on the water. Dinner Cruises in Fort Lauderdale are a popular affair. With boating being so prevalent, there are plenty of establishments built right alongside the water, allowing you to dock right up.

If you wish, you can skip the traditional restaurant experience and simply enjoy a meal during your Fort Lauderdale boat ride. Pick up waterfront takeout, bring food yourself, or send us a grocery list. We’ll make sure to have the boat stocked before your arrival. 

For a more special private boat charter experience, we offer meals prepared right on board, fresh, and to your specifications. 

Ocean Adventure 

What good is a Fort Lauderdale boat ride if you don’t experience the beautiful ocean? The city’s unique location puts it right at the northern tip of one of the largest barrier reefs in the world. This assures no shortage of exciting fish or other life beneath the water. Taking a Fort Lauderdale snorkeling tour allows you to see some of the best reefs in the area. Along with many natural formations, there are plenty of manmade reefs, such as shipwrecks, that are perfect for snorkeling.

If you plan to go out on an ocean adventure, our Fort Lauderdale sailboat charters are also a great option. In the open area, you’ll be able to truly see and appreciate the workings of how a sailboat maneuvers through the water.

How Much Does a Boat Ride Cost?

When looking for your nearest boat ride, it’s important to determine the price for your experience. We pride ourselves on making sure to be an affordable option. However, given the number of options and customizability we offer, there is no one-size-fits-all price. 

Here are a few prices for some of the activities that we offer when you ride a boat with us. If you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yacht Charter Rates

  • 4 Hours - $950
  • 6 Hours - $1,250
  • 8 Hours - $1,500


  • 2-Day Florida Keys Adventure: $5,000
  • Additional Day: +$2,000


  • Prepared Meal Package: +$20 per person
  • Premium Snorkel Gear for 6: +$100
  • Paddle Boards: +$100
  • Tubbing: +$200
  • Private Chef: +$350
  • Additional Time: +$125 per hour
  • Overnight Stay: $750

Your Nearest Boat Ride Destination

If you are looking for yacht rides near you, don’t skip over Flamingo Yacht Charters. We maintain high standards for both our boats and captains. At Flamingo Yacht Charters, we strive to make your Fort Lauderdale boat ride as memorable as possible and will do our very best to accommodate any requests you may have. 

So if you are planning something special or simply have a question, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, and we’ll be sure to assist you as quickly as possible.

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