Any day you get to ride a boat is sure to be memorable for most. If you are trying to commemorate a special day or simply want to take an impromptu cruise, our romantic dinner cruises will surely be something that you and your loved one will not soon forget. 

Date Night on A Boat

Have the perfect date on a boat with any of our tailored experiences. South Florida is a treasure trove of activities that can be experienced as a group or just with a loved one. Whatever the vibe you want to be on your date on a yacht, we can provide the perfect backdrop. Lively couples will enjoy mingling with others at one of the sandbar hotspots in the area, while those that want some peace and privacy can enjoy a dinner date on a boat away from the noise.

Start With a Romantic Boat Ride

There is no shortage of activities you can do while on a romantic boat ride for two. With plenty of things to do on the water with our luxury yacht rentals come with endless possibilities:

  • River Cruise. Travel up and down the New River on your Fort Lauderdale river cruise. The river cuts through the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale and provides exciting scenes for you to glance at with your partner. A generally great cruise for two.
  • Tour. We offer a Fort Lauderdale boat tour for those who want to feel more connected with the city. On this boat ride for two, you’ll learn about some of the most historic buildings in the area and the famous and glamorous Fort Lauderdale’s Millionaire’s Row
  • Sail. Sailboats exude an aesthetic that many are drawn to. That’s why we also offer a private sailboat charter. You can expect the same excellent service and the added benefit of observing what it takes to operate a sailboat.

There are, of course, more things you can do with your Fort Lauderdale yacht charter, but these are the most popular activities while on a boat cruise for two.

End With a Dinner Cruise for Two

There are few better ways to cap off a day of activities than with a Fort Lauderdale dinner cruise.  We offer immense flexibility when it comes to a cruise with dinner. With our vessels having plenty of amenities, you can choose to bring your own food aboard and eat when the time is right. Additionally, you can give us a list of food you want on board, and we’ll ensure the vessel is stocked whenever you arrive, saving you the trouble of lugging extra articles for your romantic dinner on a boat.

With boating being so ingrained in the culture of South Florida, many businesses are accessible via the water, allowing you to simply sail up to an establishment and order food right then and there. Another option involves cruising through the various restaurants and bars in the area. It’s an excellent way to sample the local cuisine. 

For extra special nights, we also offer a private chef service to give you the most romantic dinner in Fort Lauderdale. We can prepare almost any meal of your choosing, fresh, right on the boat. Pick the perfect spot to anchor away, and we’ll make the perfect meal for a perfect night.

Try a Short Cruise With Dinner Instead

For many, a romantic dinner on a boat is more than enough for a night. We offer abbreviated trips that are just dinner cruises. You can even opt to take these trips later in the day to experience the best sunset cruise in Fort Lauderdale to elevate your dining experience further.


If you are looking for a romantic dinner cruise near you, consider taking a trip with Flamingo Yacht Charters. We know that it’s a special day for you, and we want to ensure it’s memorable. If you have any questions about our services or our yacht charter fleet, please don’t hesitate to contact us.