Miami’s Haulover Sandbar

There are few better ways to experience South Florida than with Miami’s Haulover sandbar charter. Located within Miami’s intercostal, the Haulover sandbar is the gathering spot for hundreds of yachts on any given week. This little hideout is the best place to party with locals and celebrities alike. Make sure to choose one of the most experienced Miami’s Haulover sandbar charters to make your next sandbar trip a smooth experience.

What is the Haulover Sandbar?

While there are a wide range of sandbars located in South Florida, there are few more famous than the Haulover sandbar. With a Haulover Sandbar charter, you gain access to one of Miami’s most vibrant scenes. Only accessible by boat, this sandbar is the perfect gathering point for anyone looking to have a fun time.


Once anchored at the sandbar, feel free to jump into the pristine waist-deep waters. With the Haulover sandbar being so densely packed, any trip to the sandbar will present a great opportunity to meet other fun-loving people and make new friends. Even if you don’t want to get off your charter boat, the Haulover sandbar is a perfect place to just relax and people watch.

While bringing your own food and drinks can make the experience even better, it isn’t necessary. The Haulover sandbar is home to a food-boat (like a food truck) that offers typical foods like burgers as well as a local favorite, ceviche salad. The boat also offers ice cream, drinks, and other snacks. You can either swim up to the boat or have one of the workers take your order and delivery it to you via a kayak.

What is a Sandbar?

Also known as a shoal, a sandbar is any natural submerged ridge, bank, or bar that is covered by sand or other material. It also rises from the bed to near the surface of the water.

Sandbars make their appearances in places where water currents carry and deposit sand. After some time has passed, this deposit will continue to grow into the sandbar that we are familiar with. With their uncommon occurrence, they are a magnet for any boaters to gather toward. Being able to stand in the middle of a body of water is an experience that’s hard to not want to feel.