Party at the Fort Lauderdale Sandbar!

Being a part of a Fort Lauderdale Sandbar Party is one of the best ways to experience South Florida. While Miami’s Haulover sandbar might be the most well-known sandbar in the area, Fort Lauderdale has its own share of sandbar hot spots that are prime weekend party locations.

What To Do At A Sandbar?

A sandbar’s unique geography allows you to walk in typically waist-deep water in the middle of a body of water. This in itself is an interesting experience for many people, being able to walk around while surrounded by water. These sandbars are like a magnet to any boaters and are a natural spot of the congregation of tourists and locals alike. 

A party atmosphere like no other, boats are tightly packed together and provide the perfect opportunity to mingle with other party-goers. Good vibes all around, the sandbar is a great place to acquaint yourself with new friends or to simply people-watch. If you get hungry and didn’t bring any food, no worries. The larger sandbars feature floating food stands that will swim up to your boat and take your order. 

The Fort Lauderdale area features three prominent sandbars. The most popular by far is found at the end of the New River and is known as the Triangle by many. For a more relaxed experience, you can choose to go to Lake Sylvia or Whiskey Creek which are both nearby.

What is a Sandbar?

Also known as a shoal, a sandbar is any natural submerged ridge, bank, or bar that is covered by sand or other material. It also rises from the bed to near the surface of the water.

Sandbars make their appearances in places where water currents carry and deposit sand. After some time has passed, this deposit will continue to grow into the sandbar that we are familiar with. With their uncommon occurrence, they are a magnet for any boaters to gather toward. Being able to stand in the middle of a body of water is an experience that’s hard to ignore.