Fort Lauderdale is one of the most famous coastal cities in the United States. Intertwined with hundreds of miles of waterways, the city is as easily traversable by boat as it is by car. There is no shortage of sights to be seen along the numerous Fort Lauderdale canals.

If you are planning a trip to Fort Lauderdale, one of the best ways to see the city is by yacht. A yachting experience allows you to explore the many miles of waterways, including the unique opportunity to cruise through a Fort Lauderdale Millionaire’s Row boat tour, where you can see the vast, gorgeous estates of the wealthy and famous.

What is the Millionaire Row?

A unique place to visit in Fort Lauderdale is Millionaire Row, a collection of pricy estates found along the waterway. This area of absolute opulence is located along Fort Lauderdale’s New River, the most prominent waterway in the city. A New River cruise allows a gateway to many activities found in the city and sights to remember.

A private yacht charter lets you view many of the houses on Millionaire’s Row owned by people with exciting backgrounds, like celebrities and founders of big-name companies.

The best way to tour the Millionaire Row is by booking a yacht for charter. Doing so will allow you to travel the scenic waterways that have given Fort Lauderdale the nickname the “Venice of America.”

Cruising through the waterways and viewing these unique and beautiful properties is a great activity to enjoy during your time in Fort Lauderdale. It can give you a sense of the city and the extraordinary stories of people found there.

How to Tour the Millionaire Row in Fort Lauderdale

To properly tour the Millionaire Row, you will want to book a Fort Lauderdale yacht charter. Flamingo Yacht Charters has an affordable, well-maintained fleet of yachts ready for your next vacation. Our experience allows you to get a taste of the yachting capital of the world without all the hassles and costs tied to yacht ownership.

Who Lives on Millionaires Row in Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale’s millionaire’s row is home to many of the rich and famous, most of whom prefer to stay incognito. The area holds very few full-time residents, making spotting a celebrity unlikely. Here are just some notable names who properties you’ll see during a Fort Lauderdale boat tour of homes:

  • Jay Leno
  • Jason Taylor
  • Papa Johns founder John Schnatter
  • Andrew Heller of Heller Capital
  • Billionaire Wayne Huizenga
  • Actor David Cassidy
  • Brazilian Race Car Driver Hélio Castroneves
  • Alamo Rent-A-Car Founder Michael Egan

Plan Ahead

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